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My Life As An Intern At Catholic Charities By Hannah Sagehorn

Hanah Sagehorn adjustedThe word “Intern” can sometimes be a scary one. Images of coffee runs, window cleaning, and making thousands of copies assault the mind until the only coherent thought that remains is a frightened, “I don’t want to.” Yet, knowing that I needed experience in a work place before I could actually have a job, I knew that suffering through an internship would be something that I just had to do.

After my interview for the position of Development Intern, though, my mind had been drastically changed. I was excited about the job description and to work with the employees here at Catholic Charities. I knew that this job would challenge me to consistently work hard and to offer new ideas and solutions and be able to execute them effectively and efficiently. I was also looking forward to working in an environment constantly fueled by positive energy and the passionate desire to help people in need. Working in a place in which the foundation of the organization is built upon beliefs and morals that are similar to mine has allowed me to completely be myself in the organization without feeling the need to disguise who I am or why I believe what I believe.

In the two and a half months that I have been the Development Intern, I have learned so much about so many things. I have learned that it takes very special people to be so dedicated and so committed to the community that they service, and that the Catholic Charities office is full of those people. I have learned how to look both at the big and small pictures of any given situation and how to turn “bad” into “good” and “good” into “better.” I have learned just how much work goes into planning an event as large and detailed as our annual St. Patrick’s Day Gala and I have experienced the weight-lifting feeling of accomplishment upon seeing months of hard work carried out. I have learned that work isn’t work when you enjoy what you’re doing and that nothing makes me happier than when I am using the gifts and talents that God has given me to serve His people.

As my time at Catholic Charities is nearing an end, I can’t help but realize what an important and prominent aspect of my life this internship has become. I have made strong connections and good friends with the people here and it will be strange not to be involved with the community of Colorado Springs through this organization. I hope that I can have a chance to work here again. While there were some envelopes that needed stuffing or some documents that needed stapling, I have realized that those tasks are just as important as making phone calls and designing banners, and that the word “intern” doesn’t have to be scary or boring. Each and every person here, from the President to the interns, has an important job to do, and when every person’s determination and passion is combined with the awesome power of God, that’s when great things happen at Catholic Charities of Central Colorado. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen.



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